X-Plore File Manager Review

Second in line of command. A wonderful productivity tool for the masses.

Why recommend this?

From the creators of lonely cat games, this has been dwelling from the days of Symbian based operating system quite some time now. Now it has been headlining into android devices. Cloud storage access for the likes such as drop-box, Google drive, sky drive etc. Easy to maneuver through your system files, a drop down interfaced window mode with dual pane tree method is a noteworthy aspect of this manager. Easy to point out the files. It works fast and charmingly does the job well. Includes all the basic functions. Button configuration is an added bonus. Capable of superior performance given the latest updates with remote browsing to your computer files and database. File archival such as .zip could be unzipped and viewed thoroughly. Sharing files via Bluetooth, e-mail client etc and Picasa works surprisingly well. With over 5 million installs, this freeware is a solid must have in your arsenal.

ES File Explorer Reviewed

It does not take much time to come to a halted standstill conclusion that this is one among the best manager apps around the file manager scene. Why is that and what makes it so different?

The answer lies in this powerful tool is magnificent. Clean and effective layouts. Tech savvy or a new user, it will create an aura of breeze operating. Clutter free interface with advanced pro tools. It has a root embedded feature for the reason to remove bloatwares which dominate in the background of your phones memory that clogs and diverts thereby hindering performance related issues. It lets you create back-up and restore it to previous state in a jiffy when you have opted the way you wished it to be. You are able to install .apk’s, download, cloud sharing as well as FTP and Bluetooth. Devices within the grasp of home network can take advantage by optimization. A built in media player on the contrary. The credibility is wide. From over 200 million downloads, one can only estimate why is this the best of the best. Period. Mainly, this freeware tool is an ad-free ware. Another good plus to its name. Kudos.

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